Shadow Puppet?

Mariska de Groot, Dieter Vandoren – Shadow Puppet?

Shadow Puppet? presents an interplay of embodied performance and analog machinery that gives rise to an engulfing play of light, shadow and raw optical sound. Two performers – one behind the machines and one in the spotlights – play this light-to-sound instrument in a dynamic tension of attraction and repulsion. It never gets quite clear who is conducting who… In this project Dieter Vandoren and Mariska de Groot present a special collaboration wherein they integrate their respective expertise in embodied performance and optical sound. Mariska shoots beams of light coded by graphical patterns engraved on motorized wheels. Dieter wears light sensors on his body, improvising a live optical-sound piece by catching fragments of the rotating light-shadow patterns through his movements. When touched by Dieter’s body, music is revealed hidden within Mariska’s mesmerizing projections.

 Intrigued by the phenomena and history of optical sound, Mariska de Groot [1982, NL] makes and performs with comprehensive analog light-to-sound instruments and installations which explore this principle in new ways.

Dieter Vandoren (°1981, Belgium) is an artist, performer and developer. His work draws from diverse backgrounds in music, IT and experimental architecture and currently revolves around the creation and play of spatial, immersive audiovisual instruments with a strong focus on the embodied aspect of performance.   He is a guest tutor and researcher at the Hyperbody and StudioLab groups at the Delft University of Technology (departments of architecture and industrial design, respectively) and is founding member of the iii collective.  His works have been featured at Ars Electronica (AT), Club Transmediale (DE), Electrochoc (FR), TodaysArt (NL), STEIM (NL), STRP (NL), Glow (NL) and NIMk (NL) amongst others.  Dieter currently resides in Rotterdam, NL. See and