EVENT #9 Algorave NIME

EVENT #9 Algorave NIME @ Corsica Studios – Doors 9pm, First act 9.30pm


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‘I command you, then, not to flow over my land, nor presume to wet the feet and the robe of your lord’ The chronicle of Henry of Huntingdon 1853Canute is a fresh collaboration for electronic drum set and live code, exploring the blending of live instrumental playing and functionally manipulable symbols.


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Casperelectronics utilizes a high intensity light display, analog oscillators, CMOS logic based math/rhythm circuits and DSP hardware to create experiences which are sensorially captivating and playfully complex. Audiences are taken to an ecstatic state where eyes, ears and bodies work in concert to create a whole body experience.



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“FIRE Engine” is an improvisational laptop performance for interactive iPads and Laptop by FIRE (all-Female Interface Research Ensemble). FIRE performs and produces multi-genre, improvisational works on laptops, informed by live-coding, gestural interfaces, and various DAWs.FIRE is a laptop ensemble designed specifically as a research group for exploratory cognitive, stylistic, and interface research, through performance.

FIRE is Norah Lorway, Edie Pearce and Brenna Cantwel, all postgraduate students at the University of Birmingham, studying electroacoustic/computer music, all active SuperCollider programmers, as well as members of BEAST (Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre).

Leslie Garcia – Pulsu(m) Plantae: Bio-box _ performance

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Bio-box is an interface that uses the principle of biofeedback to establish an audio communication between different types of living systems (mosses and algae). The bio-box uses microvoltage from gestural responses by interacting with these bodies through physical stimuli such as light, vibration and touch.


Renick Bell – Algorave Set

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This performance of improvised programming generates danceable percussive music emphasizing generative rhythms and their variations. The stream of rapidly changing algorithmic bass music leads to a stimulated and dancing audience.

Charlie Roberts – Some Gibberish

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In this performance Roberts live codes audio and visuals in the creative coding environment Gibber. The performance capitalizes on new affordances in Gibber enabling cross-modal, time-continuous mappings with a simple notation that lends itself to rapid experimentation and iteration.