EVENT #1 Monochrome NIME

Andrew Johnston, Andrew Bluff and Linda Walsh – Sound Stream

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Sound Stream itself blurs the boundaries between instrumental performance, gestural interaction and dance. Largely improvised with a predetermined high-level structure, the work explores the relationships between acoustic sounds, instrumental gestures and expressive gestures and between sound and image. Technically the work involves motion tracking and real-time fluid simulation coupled with real-time audio analysis and synthesis. The acoustic performer’s gestures are tracked using an infra-red camera, and these gestures effectively ‘stir’ a real-time fluid simulation which is projected onto a scrim in front of the performer.

Mariska de Groot and Dieter Vandoren – Shadow Puppet? N.B. This piece will be performed at 5, 6 and 7pm in the New Academic Building

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Shadow Puppet? presents an interplay of embodied performance and analog machinery that gives rise to an engulfing play of light, shadow and raw optical sound. Two performers – one behind the machines and one in the spotlights – play this light-to-sound instrument in a dynamic tension of attraction and repulsion. It never gets quite clear who is conducting who…

In this project Dieter Vandoren and Mariska de Groot present a special collaboration wherein they integrate their respective expertise in embodied performance and optical sound. Mariska shoots beams of light coded by graphical patterns engraved on motorized wheels. Dieter wears light sensors on his body, improvising a live optical-sound piece by catching fragments of the rotating light-shadow patterns through his movements. When touched by Dieter’s body, music is revealed hidden within Mariska’s mesmerizing projections.


Mo Zareei – Abrasive Stanza No. 1

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Abrasive Stanza No. 1 is an audiovisual performance using four custom-built mechatronic noise-intoners (Rasper). In this performance, the interlocking patterns of mechanically produced noise are accompanied by pulsating bursts of computer-generated sine tones, creating a hybrid state in a trade-off between irregular and regular, acoustic and digital, noise and signal. The work is an effort to highlight the potential aesthetics of some mundane aural/visual phenomena of the urban technological life, by formalizing them through grids of metric rhythms, and flaunting their bodily existence.

Ryan Jordan – Possession Trance

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“Possession Trance” is an ongoing live performance project exploring the crossover between cybernetics, underground rave music and (oc)cult rituals. This performance will focus on alchemical interfaces for opening flicker portals in optic nerve fibers. Flicker portals occur when experiencing the Bucha effect for a prolonged amount of time and are related to psychedelic hallucinations where if followed for long enough lead to a breaking down of the Ego and a possible glimpse into the unknown. A not too distant incarnation of Haasan-i Sabbah, through the mind of Brion Gysin, had accessed this and claimed that through flicker he had found a portal into the space-time continuum. The interface to be presented for NIME 2014 is not only a musical one but an interface of consciousness; a cosmic cybernetic interface.


Todor Todoroff and Laura Colmenares Guerra – eVanescens

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eVanescens is an interactive audio-visual performance, a journey through various states, at the ever-shifting border between the real world and a constantly reinvented oneiric universe. eVanescens draws the viewer in an uncertain world, between disturbing strangeness, lightness and feelings of weightlessness. The cellist wears sensors on her chest, arms and hands that allow the tracking of her movements. These sensors link to sound analysis techniques (extraction of the frequency, the envelope, harmonic content, …) and gestural interfaces handled by the two other interpreters, control software that (re)synthesizes and multiplies in real time sound and image. Combined, they increase the expressive possibilities of the instruments, defining new musical gestures and offering innovative writing techniques.