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BEAM@NIME: 2014 Programme

BEAM@NIME: 2014 Programme

BEAM@NIME Concerts & club nights


Mon 30th June

Installation Performance: Shadow Puppet?
5, 6 & 7pm, New Academic Building

EVENT #1 Monochrome NIME
8pm, Deptford Town Hall

N.B. This event has very limited capacity. To guarantee a space, please register for NIME.
A theatrical opening to NIME 2014 sees the full range of light and sound interactions. From layered and cinematic electro-acoustic pieces to stroboscopic, synaesthetic submersion; analogue technology meets digital possibility through intense, percussive mechanisms and the fluidity of the human body.

Tues 1st July

EVENT #2 Intimate NIME
6pm, Great Hall

Unravelling the relationship of sound to material objects, this intimate concert features handheld instruments, playing with our perceptions of time and space along the way.

EVENT #3 Out there, In here
8pm, XOYO

Eventbrite - NIME2014: Out There / In Here with Imogen Heap, Leafcutter John +more
Invited artists Leafcutter John and Imogen Heap perform respectively with a tabletop arena of flashing lights and the MiMu gloves. John’s instruments are all homemade, innovating on the spot as his responsive, searching and otherwordly performances draw us in. Imogen’s latest Kickstarter project and the work of academics in Bristol, the gloves develop ideas started by figures such as Laetitia Sonami (Keynote, Wednesday).

Weds 2nd July

1.30pm, Goldsmiths Cinema

Any lunch is improved by novel displays of sonic interaction. We will be using the cinema space on Goldsmiths campus to show a range of acts from live coding, duck controlled orchestra, music generated with facial expressions and one very big tail.

6pm, Lawn

N.B.Register for NIME if you want to enjoy good food and artistic interventions inspired by John Cage and mobile phones.

EVENT #6 Keynote NIME
7.30pm, Great Hall

Laetitia Sonami and Hiroshi Ishi give us their keynote addresses, with a mesmerising performance from Laetitia, inventor of The Lady’s Glove.

EVENT #7 Improvised NIME
8.30pm, Amersham Arms

Eventbrite - Improv NIME: John Butcher, Jonathan Impett + more
The back room of the Amersham Arms will play host to virtuosic instrumentalists, working with old and new technologies. John Butcher’s extended saxophone techniques show how old instruments can still be used in new ways they were never designed for, wtih glorious sonic results.

Thurs 3rd July

EVENT #8 ConcentratedNIME
6pm, Great Hall

Pianistic experiments, including legendary performer John Tilbury duetting with Palle Dahlstedt, crowd interaction – literally throwing the music around – and scores that become instruments, make for a concert dedicated to how humans and software can co-create.

EVENT #9 Closing Party
9pm, Corsica Studios

Eventbrite - Algorave NIME
The Algorave ‘movement’ has been gathering pace over the past few years, and has emerged as a novel and compelling way to present live laptop music. For our closing party, we present a range of algorave live coders and instrument builders working with varied interfaces, from iPads to plants and petri dishes. This event is in one of London’s finest club spaces, which boasts a glorious Funktion One soundsystem which feels like a bass roller coaster.