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When? Saturday 10th March, 11:00-18:00
Where? Brunel University’s Artaud Performance Centre
How much? Free!
Who is it for? Students, families, electronic music enthusiasts & creators.

More info:

All spaces in the Artaud are totally accessible, free parking can be found outside (see how to find us) and just turn up on the day (no need to pre-book). If you do need any further specific information, please call the Artaud Performance Centre on 01895 267661. Media please contact Brunel Press Office on 01895 265585.

What is happening?

Competition: First prize to win the Novation IMPULSE 49 worth £250!! See video on the right.

Demonstrations: Play the newest unique electronic instruments.

Installations: Kinetic sound structures up close.

Workshops: Motion capture, LEGO instruments, Noisy Toys & more!


Alex Allmont Oxford Brookes:

Fresh from Kinetica Art Fair, Alex will be showing off his amazing LEGO TECHNIC creations. He brings Clunky Drummer – a LEGO drum sequencer that plays a drum machine whilst tweaking a delay pedal… It sounds brilliant (check out the video left) and is a beautiful model of simplicity. Come and hear for yourself and then try building your own module under Alex’s supervision. Alex will also give his live talk / performance building a clock made entirely out of LEGO – if you’ve ever wondered how clocks work, this could be the moment you find out!

Bruno Zamborlin Goldsmiths / IRCAM:

Bruno has recently made a great success with his new instrument, Mogees (see video left). Shown at BEAM 2011, Mogees have been featured by the Discovery Channel and WIRED magazine and you’ll be able to see Bruno performing the Mogees at the BEAM NIGHT on 4th April. For BEAM DAY, Bruno will be giving his gesture recognition workshop (see below).

Mike Blow Oxford Brookes:

Mike Blow makes his own totally unique electronic instruments such as Crackleplants and the Energy Ball Theremuino (see video right). He designs and builds them from scratch and brings to them a curiosity about how people physically interact with sound when confronted with unknown objects. Come to BEAM day and find out more about how he makes them work and then learn to apply some of this into making your own sound-making devices, in collaboration with Alex Allmont’s LEGO creations.

Noisy Toys Manchester:

Noisy Toys will be throbbing out some serious sub-bass: have a go at spinning the Hard Drive disks to trigger the bass wobble. You can watch the sound waves on our home-made oscilloscopes too, see goop being brought to life with sound and other tricks up our sleeves… Just follow the noise! See WORKSHOPS below.


1. Polytherelegomuino / Alex Allmont walk-up workshop: 1100-1300, 1400-1600

Using LEGO TECHNIC, build little engines of sound which are then wired up to a circuit board to become mini musical instruments. Learn about mechanics translating into electronics and meet the artists behind the LEGO Clunky Drummer and the Energy Ball Theremuino in the process.

2. Gesture Recognition: Bruno Zamborlin

Sign-up workshop with 10 spaces on each session: beginners 1130-1330 (experience using music software useful) & advanced 1400-1600 (using MAX / MSP)

In this workshop, you will learn how to use Bruno’s gesture recognition software, GIDE, designed by him whilst at IRCAM, Paris and used for his own interactive work

3. Noisy Toys walk-up workshops: 1200-1600

Noisy Toys will be running workshops on safe Circuit Bending, Piezo Junk Jamming and making Hard Drive bass generators, with a loud and spontaneously organised chaotic (probably in the non-scientific sense) Junk Jam at 1600.

The competition:

Enter to win free tickets and accommodation to the festival or a Novation IMPULSE 29 worth £250!! To enter you must invent and build your own new* technological sound-making device (see videos below for inspiration). The finished articles should be demonstrated by your team on BEAM DAY and will be judged on the following criteria:

1. How does it sound and what is the variety of sounds it can make?
2. How interesting is it to look at whilst it’s being performed?
3. How robust is it?
4. How original is it?
5. Does it look fun and easy to play with?
*See bottom of page for rules.

Clunky Drummer Audio Grab from Alex Allmont on Vimeo:

Learn how to make your phone to do this in Bruno Zamborlin’s gesture recognition workshop:

Mike Blow talks about his Energy Ball Theremuino:

Demonstration of Novation IMPULSE 49:

Competition rules:

Anyone can enter as long as:

  1. You must have finished building this device during the 3 weeks prior to BEAM day.
  2. If you are a student you should try to make a mixed team (i.e. Music / Sonic Arts with Design / Engineering and / or Computer Science).
  3. If you work professionally in the field, please tell us: we’ll open up separate categories if necessary!

Your sound-making device should be:

  1. Portable
  2. Not reliant on mains power
  3. Performed or autonomous
  4. 4. Made by you and / or your team