Work with Daniel Schorno from STEIM to make your own Cracklebox to TAKE AWAY and keep!

Below is the beginning of Michel Waisvisz’s writing on the Cracklebox in March 2004.  Michel was the founder of STEIM and a pioneer, with his instrument ‘The Hands’, of electronic music driven by touch.  His ideas and principals underpin the whole of STEIM’s engagement with electronic music and its performance.  To read more, click here.

M.W. – “Sometime in the early-sixties I started touching the inside of my fathers short-wave radio receivers. Before that with my brother René I had given ‘concerts’ at home by placing our fingers on circuit boards of transistor radios that were ‘wrongly’, but usefully, interconnected with wires. The little electrical shocks were nice and the changes in the sound were exiting and magic mind-openers. Through touch I was able to start playing with short wave sounds in a way that would later become ‘sound music’.

I had already heard some of the early recordings of electronic music, but these often sounded so dull, so constructed, so without musical soul. Touching the inside of audio electronics was way more exiting to me. I knew this could change ideas about electronics and music. Touched electronics sounded rougher and sort of rebellious against the clean and high-tech quality of the electronic music from the fifties and early sixties.”
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