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**PLEASE NOTE this page refers to BEAM 2011**

There are still just a few spaces remaining for our BEAM Festival workshops! Turn up on the day and sign up, but be warned SPACES ARE LIMITED and it’s first-come-first-served! Many work shops are free, or you can pay in cash for paying workshops on the door.


10am – 5pm (with lunch): Workshop Oscillator Machine (W.O.M.) with Tom Bugs. Take home your very own W.O.M.! – £50

10am – 5pm (with lunch): CRACKLEHACK with Daniel Schorno, STEIM (Amsterdam). Create your own beautiful Cracklebox to take away with you. – £50


12pm – 4pm: DIRTY ELECTRONICS with John Richards. A sell out event at the ICA earlier this year, join John Richards to build your own limited edition BEAM synth! – £25 (including kit)

1pm – 7pm: SOLDERING WORKSHOP a beginners guide to soldering with Rajiv Bose and David Smith from the School of Design and Engineering – *FREE* sign up on arrival

1.15pm – 2pm MOVING MUSIC: how to make and use motion sensors A presentation workshop with Jonathan Green – *FREE*

2pm – 5pm: MUSIC WITH iPHONES Atau Tanaka and Adam Parkinson demonstrate music-making iPhone technology – *FREE* sign up on arrival

2pm – 6pm: PSYCHEDELIC D.i.Y TOILET ROLL GOGGLES A workshop ideal for beginners in hardware hacking and interested in stroboscopic light and sound/noise with Ryan Jordan – *FREE* sign up on arrival

5pm – 6.30pm: AVR MICRO-CONTROLLERS PRESENTATION WORKSHOP An amazing opportunity to find out what makes Chikashi Miyama’s instruments work – *FREE*

6pm – 7pm MUSIC FROM MOTION PRESENTATION WORKSHOP Composer, thereminist and roboticist Sarah Angliss shows how we can borrow a trick from insects to create music and kinetic works that are sensate to their surroundings – *FREE*


9am – 11am: MUSIC FOR SLEEPING & WAKING MINDS For festival early birds and those emerging from the festival sleepover, join artists from the Sonic Arts Research Centre as they talk about their work over breakfast! *FREE*

2pm – 4pm: MASSED ORCHESTRA Your chance to play alongside Leafcutter John, John Richards, Chikashi Miyama and many more of the BEAM artists – play what you’ve made over the course of the weekend, or just rock up and join in! *FREE*