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Simon Katan

Simon Katan


God Over Djinn (for laptop & projector)

A computer visual and synthesised sound composition that draws on our intuitive understanding of the physical world, as well as playing with ambiguities between scale and perspective in two-dimensional representation to create seemingly infinitely nested worlds of colliding objects.

“Genie: Oh aren’t you acquainted with recursive acronyms ? I thought everybody knew about them. You see, ‘GOD’ stands for ‘GOD Over Djinn’ – which can be expanded as ‘GOD Over Djinn, Over Djinn’ – and that can, in turn be expanded to ‘ GOD Over Djinn, Over Djinn, Over Djinn’ … ” (Hofstader,79).


Simon Katan (b.1979) is a composer and performer, living and working in East London, whose diverse activities aside from writing traditional scores include interactive installation, performance art, and game design. He studied a BA in music at the Welsh College of Music and Drama (2001), an MMus in composition at Goldsmiths University (2005) and is currently working on his PhD as an Isambard Research Scholar at Brunel University. Simon is also a SAM shortlisted composer whose music has been performed by himself, Brainer, Ensemble Scratch the Surface, Kate Ryder, and others at many festivals including Spitalfields Festival, Borealis Festival, Sound Waves 2010, Sonic Expo 07 and 08 and Sonorities Festival 06. Recent commissions include Spitalfields Festival , Borealis London Launch and the Adopt a Composer Scheme.

Simon has designed and run social and pervasive games for Hide and Seek, Coney, Igfest, and Sony PlayStation at venues such as the Secret Garden Party, The Green Man Festival , Round House, Royal Festival Hall, Barbican, ICA, Battersea Arts Centre and Shunt. He is a committed educationalist, running workshops and teaching composition in schools and other institutions including the Southbank Centre, and was an apprentice animateur for the Spitalfields Festival in 2008.