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Sarah Angliss will give a performance on the Saturday evening of BEAM, after the Music from motion workshop.  Characterised by her entrancing other-worldly atmospheres, Sarah will control her robots by playing the theremin, one of the earliest gestural electronic instruments.

A musician and kinetic artist, Sarah Angliss (aka Spacedog) is known for her dreamlike performances incorporating phonographs, theremins, roboticised vent dolls and other curious machines. Sarah regularly performs live and is particularly known for her skills on the theremin and for the automata which she makes to accompany her on stage. Trained in electroacoustics, music and robotics, Sarah takes a keen interest in the psychology of listening, biologically inspired machines and unusual physical interfaces. Her work has explored Lancashire clog dancing as early noise music (with Caroline Radcliffe); musicians’ attitudes to the first drum machines and samplers (the subject of her recent TEDx talk Loving the Machine); the uncanny valley; early notions of recorded sound and radio; and the reputed psychological effects of infrasound.

Her world-renowned collaboration Infrasonic (May 2002) led to a new special effect, in collaboration with Punchdrunk Theatre Company, which debuted in It Felt Like a Kiss, Manchester International Festival June 2009. In July 2011, Radio 4 will be broadcasting her documentary on the use of birds as primordial sound recorders. Sarah has been experimenting with optical flow algorithms – the subject of her BEAM workshop – at the Zoological Society of London.