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Leafcutter John

Leafcutter John

Yorkshire come London lad, John Burton has graced the planet with his remarkable contributions to electronic, folk and experimental music since his primary exploring with an old computer he originally bought to write his Art School dissertation in 1998. Since then he’s released 5 critically acclaimed albums which culminated in the release of “The Housebound Spirit” on Planet Mu Records. An Album which combined elements of music-concrete and electro-acoustic music with voice and guitar work more commonly found in folk music. 

His forth album “The Forest and the Sea” (Staubgold) became a great success for artist and label alike and was nominated for best album (Quartz award 2007), with it he toured extensively throughout Europe and Australasia performing alongside; Matmos, Nick Cave, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Jarvis Cocker, Yo La Tengo, Grace Jones, Beth Orton, Otomo Yoshihide, Aki Onda, Phillip Jeck, Carsten Nicolai, Tujiko Noriko amongst others.

John is also a full time member of the Mercury Music Award nominated contemporary Jazz band Polar Bear, providing electronics, guitar, and vocals, and with the bands founder Sebastian Rochford John collaborates in the duo project ‘Nails’. John’s other duo project includes one with the accomplished Tabla player Talvin Singh (tabla / voice & electronics / guitar / voice).

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