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Instillations 2011

Aleks Kolkowski: a noise of stroviols

A hanging, string quartet of historic ‘Stroh’ instruments play in ghostly communion.  Patented in 1899, the Stroh violin is characterised by its large aluminium horn and mechanical amplification system alike to that of a gramophone, resulting in a highly focused sound and directionality. Once at the cutting-edge of Victorian science and technology, the Stroviols went on to influence the design of electronic solid-body instruments and even loudspeaker construction.

Ray Lee: Ethometric Museum

Appearing to be artefacts from a hitherto unknown branch of science, Ethometric Instruments are curious, fascinating relics from a bygone age.  Ray Lee has assembled an extraordinary collection of these obscure, yet compelling objects and in an extremely intimate performance (sign up early to make sure you don’t miss this treat!) he will activate the machines to weave a hypnotic, mesmerising spell over the audience.

Stephen Cornford: Extended Piano

In this incredible kinetic sculpture/sound installation, two guitar strings are attached to two bass strings of an upright piano.  These are then played by mechanised bows which seemingly float mid-air, driven by motors in never-ending circles to create hypnotising vibrations which resonate sympathetically through the whole piano. The sound is entirely acoustic.

Leon Michener: Pianoscope

Louis McCallum: Toy Music Machine

Bruno Zamborlin – MOGEES Mosaicing Gestural surface