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La Cosa Preziosa

La Cosa Preziosa

Definitely the shortest BEAM TRAIN track!

After the storm (stereo, 1’12’’ field recording, organic track) by La Cosa Preziosa (Italy): A meditative organic track about suburban nature pulling itself together after the turbulence of a rainstorm.

‘After the storm’ is a brief meditative organic track that captures the special moment after the rain: when nature takes a breather and puts itself back together.  Birds are back with their song, the last few resilient drops tap a rhythm and the wind dies down in the background: all the elements of the natural soundscape come together to produce an overall sense of relief and escaped danger.  To human ears this translates into a soothing and serene moment of reflection, which speaks of renewed energy and optimism.  This is the reason why I am sending it as my contribution to Beam train: I hope it might be a quick acoustic shot of energy for the listeners on their train commute to the Beam festival, to accompany them in transit from something dreary to something good.

La Cosa Preziosa (Susanna Caprara) is an award-winning emerging sound artist from the south of Italy living between Italy and Ireland. With a keen interest in acoustic ecology, La Cosa Preziosa is committed to producing original work (aural dreamscapes, soundscapes and experimental organic tracks) by exploring the intersection between the realism of field recording and the possibilities of dramatic staging.  Regularly presenting her work across Europe and the US, La Cosa Preziosa is a participant of the Ear to the Earth network and has recently been selected as a winner of the ‘Europe: A Sound Panorama competition’ (Goethe Institut Belgrade, Deutschlandradio Kultur, ZKM Institut for Music and Acoustics Karlsruhe, Radio Belgrad and the European Broadscasting Union Ars Acustica Group).  In addition to her sound art work, La Cosa Preziosa is also the founder & director of the first artists’ residency to open in her native Basilicata, Palazzo Rinaldi.