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Andrea Cohen

Andrea Cohen

L’idée du voyage

AC: ‘In 2007, during my stay at De Monfort University I created a radio performance on stage, which was presented on May 8th 2007 at the Trinity Chapel of Leicester.  For this performance I have asked students, colleagues and friends to send me recorded sounds (texts or soundscapes) that evoke for them the idea of “voyage”.  I have received sounds from all over the world (USA, Brazil, Poland, Greece, Argentina) and in many languages. For the same performance I had composed many fragments using the sounds of means and places of transportation.  With all these sounds I composed “L’idée du voyage” (The idea of voyage”), ( 9’56 home studio, 2010) created for Festival Futura, (Crest, France) and broadcast at France Musique, Radio France.’

Andrea Cohen was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She trained at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Musique in Paris, where she received a bachelor’s degree in piano and chamber music performance.  In 2005 she was awarded a doctorate by the University Paris-Sorbonne.  She created and performed in several staged pieces of experimental music theater and composed incidental music for theater and videos.  Since 1985 she has been working in Radio France as radio artist and producer.  She has conducted workshops and seminars on radio art in France, UK, Germany and in Latin America. Currently she is an Associate Researcher at the IOCT ( Institute of Creative Technologies, De Monfort University, Leicester, UK).  She lives and works in Paris, France.