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BEAM Train 2011

BEAM Train 2011

The BEAM TRAIN category invited artists to submit or create podcasts, recordings and interactive games to captivate and entertain festival-goers on their 40 minute tube journey from central London to Uxbridge Station.

All BEAM TRAIN tracks (they’re brilliant!) will be made available through this website a few days before the festival starts, to download onto your mp3 players.  Here’s who you’ll be listening to…

Museum of Techno – Dave Green
Museum of Techno – Introduction to the Museum by museumoftechno

Book of Latter Day Saints – Scott Cazan
BEAM Train 1 Cazan-BookOfLatterDaySaints by beamfestival

BEAM Train 6: Emilie Mouchous and Andrea Jane Cornell – Noctambulismes by beamfestival

L’idée du voyage – Andrea Cohen
BEAM Train 2: L’idee du voyage by Andrea Cohen 9’32 by beamfestival

Isolate Sub Bass: a selection
Isolate Sub Bass Track 6 by beamfestival
Isolate Sub Bass Track 8 by beamfestival
Isolate Sub Bass Track 3 by beamfestival
Isolate Sub Bass Track 4 by beamfestival

After the storm – La Cosa Preciosa
BEAM Train 4: La Cosa Preciosa – After the Storm by beamfestival

Observant people amongst you will have now found out the annoying news that the Metropolitan Line will now be down on Sat 25th and Sun 26th: all the more reason we say to BOOK ACCOMMODATION on campus and stay for the weekend!  You can still get to Uxbridge by tube – on the Picadilly Line – but we suggest you download two rather than one BEAM TRAIN tracks for the journey.