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William Cheshire

William Cheshire

ilanz is a new piece for live electronics and live tape. It aims to create an immersive sound experience, focusing in on the shared act of listening. Listeners should feel free to engage with the piece on their own terms.

The work’s main structural principle is its movement from purely electronic sound to analogue sound. Essentially there are two versions of the same sonic material – the only difference being that one is transposed a fifth below the other. The transposed version is running (from a laptop) through a cassette tape, the original version remains purely electronic (ie. just running through the laptop). The piece is a very slow transition from the original version to the transposed version. Everything is performed live.

The surface of the music remains fairly constant, whilst the underlying details are in constant flux. The piece explores the unique qualities of analogue tape, along with its timbral unpredictability. The gradual harmonic shift which occurs is also an area of focus.

William Cheshire is a sonic artist and composer based in London. His work sits within the fertile ground between contemporary classical composition and electronic music. Recent projects include a live electronic performance at the Barbican’s esteemed More Soup and Tart event, a string quartet for members of the Aurora Orchestra and a limited edition EP. He is currently based at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, studying under Richard Baker.

For more details please see www.williamcheshire.co.uk