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Stuart Freeland – Shubunkin

Stuart Freeland – Shubunkin

In 2006 I created Shubunkin, a creative persona that allows me to explore the potential of Soundbeam equipment in live performance.  A Shubunkin performance incorporates the results of digital experimentation with sounds and samples. These sounds are stored on computer and, in performance released by movement within the range of sensors/soundbeams.  The digital experimentation enables me to create a sound landscape outside the scope of musicians using traditional instrumentation, and the soundbeam equipment allows me to perform without being trapped behind a bank of technology that creates a barrier between stage and audience.

Soundbeam is a midi instrument that allows the ‘music maker/sound artist’ to trigger notes and melodies, samples or sounds by interrupting an invisible beam. The soundbeam equipment is linked to a laptop running music software that allows the triggering of samples and sounds by the midi note played by the soundbeams.  Visuals are trigged simultaneously, using midi VJ software that allows the triggering of images, film and various live camera feeds. These clips are mixed and movement within the soundbeam sensors controls effects.  Other sounds come from a theremin linked to an effects prosessor and a kaos pads.

I have two sets: one is described as old school drum n bass and I have a more experimental set that involves the recording of live sampling of ultra sound from the sensors and then the re-shaping of these sounds into a piece, that explores live digital synthesis and musically, tradition Indian raga systems.

For more details please go to  http://www.shubunkin.co.uk/ and http://www.myspace.com/shubunkin1