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Mute Transcripts

Mute Transcripts

The ‘Mute Transcripts’ are set of improvisations for acoustic instruments and laptop that explore various ways of creating different perspectives from a set of live acoustic gestures.  Each ‘Transcript’ uses an acoustic instrument as its singular source of material and BEAM’s event will use the piano as its input.

‘Mute’ is a set of code written in MaxMSP. At its core are a set of empty buffers that feed off the live instrumentalist, only to be regurgitated into the sonic texture in various stages of digestion. Both the aural and visual triggers sent from the performer to the audience are tweaked and refracted in this fashion, hence the title ‘Mute’: the patch has no voice of its own, it can only communicate through the gestures of another through ‘Transcript’-ion.

Thomas Byrne is a composer and pianist who works with both acoustic and electronic sound.  Thomas studied music at King’s College London graduating with a first-class degree (2009), and subsequently completed his MMus at the same college with a specialization in acoustic composition. He also participated in the Acanthes 2010 summer school where he studied electronic composition with Emmanuel Jourdan and Mikhail Malt from IRCAM.

During this time he has enjoyed numerous performances and recordings of his compositions with the Lontano Ensemble and the student ensemble Stranded, in addition to various other solo performances. Other projects have involved a collaboration through the poetry and music group based in London dubbed Diverse Deeds, which juxtaposes spoken poetry, mixed-media works and improvised music.

Thomas’ music draws inspiration from the study of environmental and biological rhythms, and how their interaction can trigger sets of reactions or patterns. Consequently his programming focuses upon creating live and artificial-intelligent softwares that manipulate and react to acoustic sound.

Louis d’Heudieres graduated from King’s College London in 2009 with a 1st in Music, specialising in composition and winning the Purcell Prize. He now works as a freelance composer, sound designer, and music teacher.  His works have been performed by the Lontano Ensemble and his first opera was premiered at Grimeborn Festival 2010. In March 2011 he was sound designer for Daisy Evans’ Silent Opera project, showcased as part of the Old Vic Young Voices ‘Coming Up’ programme in London.

His current work aims to explore the new means of musical interactivity and expression afforded by the increasingly complex electronic devices and processes available to us today.  He starts a Masters course in composition at the Royal College of Music this September.

The Mute Transcripts were performed at an event organised by NonClassical in May 2011 to great success.