Scott Hall

Select Sound Art: An online gallery of 37 select sound art pieces by Scott F. Hall.

Scott F. Hall [born 1963, California] is an intermedia artist working predominantly in the medium of sound for exhibition in the visual art context. He explores singly and intermixes: sound art [generated by actions or captured more passively in field recording], music, instrument design, sculpture, still images, and video. His work is shown in contemporary international galleries, museums, festivals, and alternative venues. Hall has invented numerous original instruments such as the Optivideotone, piezoelectric arpegguitar, electric bass harmonitar, and the microtonal power ambient electric bass guitar. He co-originated the term mobicapping [mobile image, video, or sound capture] and coined the term anadigicapping to describe his hybrid technique of capturing digital images and video through the aging optics of analog film cameras. To date, Hall has created several unique sound practices which usually work within the harmonious confines of the twelve-tone musical scale: scultura sana [sound sculpture, sonus animatio, sound animation], organum novum [neo-organum], and power ambient pealing [sonus pictura, sound painting]. Currently, Hall is developing a new microtonal sound practice of indefinite time signature which merges together organum novum and power ambient pealing to create a form which is free from the shackles of tuning and time.