Michael James Olson

Telsonic is a piece that explores the juxtaposition of individual sonic events and larger sound masses. Throughout the piece, rapid sonic gestures give way to explosions of dense sonic material, careening from moments of dense complexity, to simple rapidity.

Michael James Olson is a composer, media artist and Music Technology/Composition Graduate Instructor at Ball State University currently residing in Indiana. His work focuses on the intersections of traditional instrumentation with various media such as video, interactive electronics, and multi-channel audio. His works have been performed at festivals and venues such as NYCEMF (New York), SEAMUS (Miami), Noisefloor Festival (UK), EMM(Illinois), International Saxophone Symposium (Virginia), FEAsT Festival (Florida), Asim’itria Festival (Peru), Electroacoustic Juke Joint (Mississippi),  Channel Noise (Georgia), and the ICMC(New York). Michael holds a M.M. from Georgia Southern University where  he studied composition with John Thompson, and is presently a doctoral student at Ball State University where he studies composition with Michael Pounds and Keith Kothman.