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Joe Stevens

Joe Stevens

This work has been partly informed by my misfortune in one of my eyes not fully moving to one side. The current diagnosis for this is ‘internuclear ophthalmoplegia’, which apparently is a disorder of conjugate lateral gaze in which the affected eye shows impairment of adduction. Basically my left eye diverges from the right eye, which means that my brain “sees” double, or what they call ‘diplopia’. As my eyes no longer work together they see different images and my brain cannot comprehend the resulting information.

I have exhibited locally here in South West of England. I work across mediums; currently I have a photography exhibition – Landscape and Industry – at Lighthouse, Poole’s centre for the arts.  I am working towards a bus tour of Poole trading estates, which will feature a special made soundtrack to accompany the trip. I’m working with Poole Museum on an exhibition around people’s working lives, due to open in one month.  Previous work abstract animations – won at Sherborne House Open. Since shown on two big 25msq screens at Glastonbury and on BBC Big Screens across the UK. Also projected at UK Public Health conference at Bournemouth International Conference.  I have complied a 1 hour radio piece ‘Sounds of the Seaside’ which was broadcast on resonanceFM (along with a number of other independent FM radio stations across Europe). Work developed from this project was featured in Sound Proof 3 in an exhibition at Homerton Library late last year.  I am a regular contributor to Framework, phongraphy, radio program.

Where I have continued my interest in creating moving pictures. Painters, photographers, and filmmakers have inspired its making. I have treated these animated landscapes as a simplified drawing, while overlapping two views and exploring different time shifts to create a disjointed travel experience. Avoiding putting in more than is necessary, reducing and simplifying the colour space.

I have also explored a new direction with the soundtrack, which I constructed from sounds I recorded inside the car; driving along different tarmac textures and a field recording from a lay-by on the A30. These sounds have then been mixed and heavily treated.