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Gaspar Lukacs Esguep

Gaspar Lukacs Esguep


This project has developed through the audio landscape of the streets of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Holland. The character “Pedestrian in Transit” travels along with symbols of transit, rescues and emergency situations. A mix of music, sound and image, evoking a very experimental and industrial side to electronic music, elaborated with the help of the Firemen of Barcelona as well as diverse audio and visual recordings from the environment surrounding us; sirens and warning signals, such as those from police cars, fire engines and ambulances, car horns, car parks, door bells, foghorns, loud speakers, alarm clocks, and telephones.


Gaspar Lukacs Esguep is Chilean with parents from Hungary and Syria, and is a musician. In 1999 he embarked on a tour of Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Montevideo in Uruguay, and it was on this tour that the character “Pedestrian in Transit” was created and the project Alarm Rave began. In 2001 “Pedestrian in Transit” opened the LEM Festival of Experimental Music in Barcelona, and also performed various times in Spain. In 2002 Alarm Rave happened again, this time in Amsterdam for the AZART Ship of Fools Festival and Panic Theatre. In 2004 “Pedestrian in Transit” participated in an electronic performance of Contemporary Art in the Civic Centre of Barceloneta, Barcelona. In 2008, Gaspar moved to Cambridge, and “Pedestrian in Transit” was ready to perform again.