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Alan Gleeson

Alan Gleeson

Aesthetically my practice explores, through research and performance, the inner properties of sound in an attempt to derive new meaning, expression, and understanding from sounds with existing associations.  With influences ranging from Musique Concrète, acoustic ecology, psychoacoustics and field recording. I question the sound environment we currently inhabit and reflect on the sonic worlds found in nature and industry, not to show a preference for either but to create a dialogue between performer, the material, and the listener.

I am from Ireland but now based in Berlin. Recent work has included performing in a re-interpretation of David Tudor’s work “Rainforest”, entitled Regenwald 2011 at the Club Transmediale festival in Berlin, and a showing of an installation piece “Topological Space” in collaboration with visual artist Katrina Sheena Smyth at the PS2 Gallery in Belfast.

All the pieces presented in the AV gallery are live, improvised, unedited recordings.