BEAM AV Gallery 2011

BEAM ONLINE was a category that we designed for anyone who wanted to share related work but couldn’t get to the festival. The work could take the form of video, audio, online games, project documentation or a new App that had been developed – we were open to anything and everything!  We also received lots of listening pieces and videos, so we’ve merged these two elements to create the BEAM AV GALLERY comprising of work by all the artists listed below.

Bots Conspiracy – were chosen to perform in our Bursary section but were unable to attend sadly.  Their films will be shown as interval music on Friday night: click here for a sneak preview!

LOXOS were also chosen to appear in our Bursary section but were also unable to attend so their installations will be presented as (very beautiful!) films in the AV Gallery.

Alan Bigelow

Alan Courtis

Alan Gleeson

Brian Franklin

Federico De Biase

Florian-Ayala Fauna

Gaspar Lukacs Esguep

Helen Thorington

Joe Stevens

Michael James Olson

Orestis Karamanlis

Ron Herrema

Scott Hall

Stace Constantinou

Taro Saotome