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Mike Cook

Mike Cook

Mike Cook makes things. Here he is in his own words and below are some links to his creations…

Spent 21 years as a Physics lecturer at Man Met University until they closed down the Physics department in 1998 and I had to get a proper job.  During my time lecturing I wrote for computer Magazines mainly Micro User and Acorn User, over a period of 15 years, producing over 200 electronic constructional articles.  Then went on to work for Pace PLC designing digital set top boxes and then PAC designing access control security products.  Now working as a freelance consultant for Electronics Art, and medical electronics.

Chaotic Pendulum – Most pendulums are regular but by addition of magnets to nudge the pendulum this one produces a chaotic motion.

Hexagonal Monome – The well known monome is an undedicated controller who’s function depends on the host software. By constructing a version whit a hexagonal layout in place of the more conventional Cartesian layout new possibilities are opened up with regard to sequencing and keyboard mapping.

Arduinocaster – Looking vaguely like a guitar the Arduinocaster is an Arduino based MIDI instrument modelling a six string guitar. An easy method of chord control and string picking ensure this instrument is easy to play.