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Ed Wright

Ed Wright

Hopscotch: Installation for motion tracking and audio

The game of hopscotch exists in a number of forms in many cultures: the unifying theme is movement through a space marked out on the ground.  In some cases it is a simple counting game or form of exercise, there are other examples where it is seen as symbolizing the quest for spiritual enlightenment and even as an allegory of re-incarnation.  Experiences range from the playful to the profound, the functional to the transcendental and often taking the individual out of society whilst at the same time uniting those playing and watching.  This installation uses 14 sound objects (triggered in 2 lines of 7), a simple web cam, and a computer program developed by myself to create a physical and auditory ‘play’ area.

It can also be a lot of fun…  Watch a previous participant playing Ed’s hopscotch here

Ed Wright was born in Buckinghamshire, England 1980. He finished his PhD in music with Andrew Lewis at Bangor University, in July 2010, where he currently lectures. His work is mainly focused toward the electro-acoustic end of the musical spectrum, although he writes for and plays real instruments as well. He performs on violin, viola and voice, as well as laptop: and works with a number of school/student groups promoting performance of both older and more modern music. Recent highlights include a ‘mention’ in the Prix Bourges for his piece Con-chords, a number of commissions including a 3 day sound installation piece in the dark solitary confinement cell of Ruthin gaol, airplay on BBC Radio 1 and S4C television, and a gig in an old gunpowder factory. Ed lives in North Wales (U.K.) with Emma, their daughter Alena (3 years old at the time of writing) Ben the dog and Bess the cat. Ed’s music is available on the Blipfonica label.