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Christos Michalakos

Christos Michalakos

BEAM thought Christos Michalakos’s massively energetic and inventive combination of drums and beautifully controlled electronics sounded like it would make an amazing LIVE PERFORMANCE at BEAM 2011. ┬áHave a listen to him in action:

Frrriction by Christos Michalakos

Christos Michalakos (b. 1983) is a composer and improviser hailing from northern Greece. Working predominantly with percussion and live electronics in recent years, his music explores the relationship between the acoustic and electronic sound worlds, either shifting exclusively between one or the other, or intricately merging timbres to create a unique sonic experience.

A keen improviser, he can be found performing assertive solo works, or collaborating on projects ranging from a percussion/piano/electronics based duo with Lauren Hayes, to large-scale free jazz and improvisation ensembles such as Edimpro, the University of Edinburgh’s free improvisation orchestra.

His collaboration with visual artist Parag K Mital has resulted in numerous audio-visual works, most notably Polychora I (2009) performed at Soundings Festival, and The Trial (2010) performed at the Dialogues Festival, Edinburgh.

Whether exploring percussion performance or detailed digital sonic landscapes, his sound is unified by its crispness and rhythmic suggestion. This is achieved through an examination of methods for developing and augmenting his drum kit, and forms part of his PhD research at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Dr. Michael Edwards.

Performances in 2011 include Sound Thought Festival (Glasgow), Soundings (Edinburgh), Sonorities Festival (Belfast) and NIME (Oslo).