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Open Call 2011

Open Call 2011

We were delighted to be absolutely inundated with submissions to the BEAM 2011 Open Calls. The work was of a really high quality but was also really connected to the values and concepts of BEAM.  It was with great pleasure that we announced the participating artists: click on the pages below for details on everyone who took part in BEAM 2011.


BEAM 2011 OPEN SPACE artists

BEAM 2011 BEAM TRAIN artists

BEAM 2011 BEAM AV Gallery artists


BEAM 2011 had three Open Call opportunities for artists wishing to share their work at this year’s festival. Categories for these opportunities were:

OPEN SPACE – A platform for artists to exhibit or perform their own work at the festival.  All OPEN SPACE submissions had to refer to the broad themes of music & technology, interactivity, electronic music, music produced through unusual interfaces (including sonic robots!) and homemade instruments.

BEAM TRAIN – Podcasts, recordings and interactive games that will be available through the BEAM website to captivate and entertain festival-goers on their tube journey from central London to Uxbridge Station.

BEAM AV Gallery – A category for anyone who wanted to share related work but couldn’t get to the festival.  This work will be uploaded to the BEAM AV Gallery.

All installations and Open Space works were open 5-7.45pm Friday, 1-7pm Saturday and 10am-1.45pm Sunday