Kathy Hinde's Tipping Point

Kathy Hinde’s beautiful new installation Tipping Point (#tippingpoint by @birdtwitchr) was part of the installations exhibition at NIME2014. A poetic response to the environmental issues relating to water – its displacement, its overuse, rising sea levels and so on – Tipping Point seemed to us a visual presentation of tuning an instrument: the intense buzzes when two notes are almost in unison can be seen in the increased intensity in the flickering lights, that hang over the water-filled tubes, which themselves move slowly up and down as if searching for perfect harmony. The installations exhibition was based in the New Academic Building on the Goldsmiths campus and was open throughout NIME.
BEAM first saw Tipping Point at the Brighton Festival and found it profound, clever and beautiful like the rest of Kathy’s output (we first got to know her through the piano and bird video installation displayed in Oxford’s bus station, the Bird Step Sequencer).

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